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    Welcome to out Tulum Campus, Our 2nd. Campus in Mexico


At Chac-Mool Spanish School we help you Learn Spanish thru the best Spanish immersion program to learn Spanish We use our  unique methodology, all out teachers are native spanish speakers and we make learning Spanish very fun and extremelly easy.

If you want to learn Spanish in Mexico, we are your best choice,  Learn Spanish while you have a great experience. Our Spanish School in Tulum,  offers you a great environment to study  Spanish, and hands down the best teachers.


Our Spanish Teachers

All the Spanish Teachers at our Spanish School receive instruction related to our unique methodology and our techniques. They are well trained in Krashen’s theory, as well as the Seven Intelligences and the Natural Approach.

Learning Spanish with Creativity

We use a hands on approach with children, adults and teens, making the learning experience auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Workshops for our staff so we all stay up-to-date with techniques and methodolgy.


At Chac-Mool´s Spanish School classes have a maximum of 5 people and we use a variety of media to assist in comprehension of the Spanish language. We also offer extracurricular activities in the afternoons as an extension of the classroom.

Why Choose Us to Learn Spanish

Our teachers are 100% qualified and certified.
When we train new teachers, they must pass several levels of proficiency. At each level, only the top prospects continue, until we are left with the best of the best at the end of the training process, ensuring top-notch Spanish teachers! Currently, we have ongoing weekly workshops at our Spanish School for our staff so we all stay up-to-date with techniques and methodolgy.

Over 25 Years Teaching Spanish
We have been teaching Spanish for over 25 Years and counting.

Our Students Recommend Us
Many of our new students come to us thanks to recommendations from previous students.

Learning Spanish is fun with us
Chac-Mool Spanish School is famous for making learning fun and antertained, we believe a relaxed environment is key for the mind to learn.

Language Acquisition
We have a unique approach where we prefer “Language acquisition” versus “language learning”  We believe  this is the best way, because we were trained from the best on NLP as Tony Robbins  training workshops for competence in Spanish occurs.

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