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best latte machine

Latte is one of the most common caffeine drink in the world. It can be found in every country, every city and almost every corner of the streets. However, it is not a surprise that few people knows how it came about. It will be even more difficult to find someone who know how to select the best latte machine site available in the market or website http://espressomachinepicks.com.

Latte came from Italy, a country known for many others types of coffee. Latte is a type of coffee where espresso extract from coffee beans is mixed with frothed milk. Due to the addition of milk, another name for latte is milk coffee. With the spread to other parts of the world, it got many different names. Some other names are caffé Latte or Caffelatte. In the USA, it is known as Latte.

There are many different ways to serve this wonderful type of coffee. The first type is Iced Latte which is made by adding crushed ice to a latte. This type of latte is popular in the summer season when the temperature is very hot.
Latte is very common in coffee joints. Starbucks is one place where you can find many types of latte. There are also lattes which comes served with coffee art.
If you like latte, you must have wanted to get a automatic latte machine for your home at some point. There are many machines which can make you latte at home. But not all are specialized latte machine.
What is a specialized latte machine? A specialized latte machine is one that have automatic espresso and milk frothing capability. So how to choose the best latte machine for your home?
One thing you must note is that a latte maker is different from a normal coffee maker. Hence, there are different considerations when selecting a latte maker. A good cup of latte requires fresh espresso beans. So you must grind the beans yourself just before you brew it. With this consideration, you will need a built in grinder. Hence, the class of espresso machines you will be looking at are the super automatic espresso makers.
The latte must be prepared at the ideal temperature. So, next thing to pay attention to is the boiler in it. Hence, there must be temperature control in the latte maker. This will ensure that the temperature is ideal and kept constant during the latte making.
Latte is made partly of froth milk. Thus, the temperature of the steamed milk is very important. The lactose in milk tastes the best at between 135 to 160 Frahrenheit. So it is another feature that you must pay attention to when looking for the best latte machine. You should also get a thermometer to ensure that the temperature is correct.
Why is these temperatures so important? You may ask. It is because different temperatures for the milk can result in different latte flavours. Therefore you must pay great attention to this factor.
The price range for Super automatic latte machines can be as little as $600 to $3000. You do not really need to choose the most expensive to get best latte though.
With a new latte machine, it will bring great joy to your life. Everyday you can get to taste a cup of latte at the comforts of your home