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Filter paper tissues instead sounded so strange. But trust me on caffeine during an emergency such as this, sink towel napkin or tissue can be a lifesaver while.

What happens if I wake up and go to brew coffee to start the day and found the coffee filter paper is up for forgetting to buy? Well, not bad mood first. Because if you have a sink or towel napkin tissue, first aid for the needs of your day morning caffeine can be overcome. Maybe it was not as enjoyable as usual, but most are not able to make your day as untouched nondestructive delicious coffee. Want to know how to conjure up a paper filter tissue while? Here’s how to make it.


  1. Two pieces of tissue or towel napkin sink. Try to use a towel napkin as if using a normal tissue will not be. Texture towel napkin thicker than normal tissue is easily damaged when scalded.
  2. Dripper Hario V60 or the size of a dripper.
  3. Server, gooseneck kettle, coffee scale.
  4. And of course coffee.

How to make :

  1. Take two pieces of towel napkins provided. Combine them with the cross.
  2. Put on the coffee dripper.
  3. Adjust its position to the dripper to download and is perfectly located.
  4. Heat the water to 95’C.
  5. Pour water on the towel napkin that had been in dripper. Try splashed repeatedly for paper towel napkin has a more subtle scent than the paper filter.
  6. Scissors hand towel napkin uneven to really neat form size.
  7. Waste water cleaning results residues towel napkin and reheat the water to 88’C.
  8. Put the prepared coffee. Brewed coffee as usual should use a paper filter.
  9. Pour slowly to produce a good coffee.
  10. Your morning coffee ready to make you happy. Although there was no filter paper presence there

Notes :

  1. Towel napkins used only in emergencies and certainly can not replace the function of filter coffee.
  2. Aroma filter paper towel feels more strongly that affect the taste of coffee.
  3. Because the pores of the filter paper napkin and towel from each other, with towel napkin brew will be slightly longer and longer extraction time consuming too. Meeting the water and coffee are also longer causes the coffee taste a little strong, bold and body.
  4. Use a paper filter for better results and unrivaled pleasure. If you run out of filter paper, towel napkin can be applied.
  5. Happy Coffee!

Many people who enjoy coffee at the coffee shop or at home. But occasionally try to go for coffee in the wild. The sensation of no longer find the limit.

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